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For Over 45 Years

John's Boxing Gym has been a legendary haven for city youth.  Our rich history boasts numerous Golden Glove Winners, Professional Boxers, and dedicated fitness enthusiasts. Formerly known as the Jerome Boxing Club on Westchester Ave, the gym underwent a transformation in 2004 under the ownership of Albanian-born former boxer, Gjin Gjini, who renamed it after his son, John.

Our diverse team of experienced trainers caters to individuals of all ages and skill levels, whether you're aiming for an amateur or professional boxing career or simply looking to get in shape.


Despite its weathered appearance and lack of flashy new equipment, our gym's three aging rings, well-worn heavy bags, and the rhythmic sounds of speed bags and jump ropes create a warm, inviting, and family-like atmosphere on our second-floor premises.


Join us at John's Boxing Gym, where passion, dedication, and a sense of community converge to help you achieve your boxing and fitness goals. Ages 5 and up!

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